Beacon for Strijp-S

With the condo tower, Eindhoven will gain another beacon on its skyline. Housing association Sint Trudo presents a new type of housing to the Netherlands in Strijp-S: the condo. These are compact – and consequently very affordable – living spaces of around 50 square meters of floor space. They are smart in design and lay-out with a contemporary and luxury finish. All necessary facilities fit into the limited floor space. The space can be divided up flexibly with moveable walls.

You cannot fit everything into a 50-square metre condo, but that is not necessary either! The tower will have (semi-)shared facilities for the things you need, but do not really need to have in your own home. For example a launderette, dry cleaning service, cooking studio, a luxury guest room, condo-café with cinema and roof-top garden. So that you can transform your own condo into an urban cocoon of peace and freedom!

Sint Trudo seeks designers to help design these urban cocoons. The brief for the Condo Competition is the design of one or more elements that accommodate the necessary features of a home and that ensure that the condo, despite its size, is experienced as spacious, ‘luxurious’ and, most especially, surprising.

Innovative affordable housing
Sint Trudo aims a.o. to increase the diversity in the range of housing in Eindhoven and particularly in De Driehoek in Strijp-S and to stimulate innovation in affordable housing.

Sint Trudo intends c.q. aims to realize the winning design, in close consultation with the designer.

Start date of the Condo Competition is February 23, 2017. The contest is organized in accordance with the Kompas Prijsvragen. Through this website you will find information such as the contest rules, the vision of Sint Trudo and the timetable of the contest. Do you want to participate (with your team)? Sign up now for Condo Competition. You can sign up to and including March 31, 2017, 17:00.

The jury
The submissions are evaluated by a professional jury comprising the following members:

  • Jurgen Bey, head of the Sandberg Institute and designer at Studio Makkink & Bey (Chairperson)
  • Pieter Buijs, resident of Strijp-S
  • Jarrik Ouburg, architect Office Jarrik Ouburg
  • Jack Hock, director-Strijp-S and team leader Slimmer Investeren Sint Trudo
  • Lonny van Ryswyk, designer Atelier NL (Trudo Lab)
  • Anne van Strien, Space creator at beeckk advisors for spatial development (Trudo Lab)

For more information, please contact the PR department of Sint Trudo: