We are thinking of a specific type of resident. Somebody who chooses a highly urban lifestyle. Purposely in a vibrant, highly urban environment, where things happen from early in the morning into the small hours of the night, every day of the week. Unconventional people who cherish their freedom and like to follow their own path. Who want to choose from all sorts of convenient facilities and services. Saving a lot of time.

What kind of living space matches this kind of distinct lifestyle? Something that is often called a ‘condo’ in metropoles around the world. A very compact (and therefore affordable!), trendy apartment of about 50 m², with a gross height of 4 metres. A small, smartly laid out home that has all the usual (residential) functions despite its limited floor space and can therefore be used as a fully-fledged home. Because functions do not necessarily have to be carried out simultaneously, there is a possibility of using (parts of) spaces for multiple purposes.

The brief for this design competition is the design of an innovative spatial interpretation (one or several elements) encompassing the required functions of a home. The functionality, look and character for the limited space of the condo have to be worked out in such a way that residents do not feel that there is a lack of space but, quite contrastively, that their needs are met. It is essential for the residents not to feel that they are missing something that could be the direct result of a lack of space. There is even space for an ironing board and a washing basket, for instance! Typical for the condo are a spatial feel, light and airy, detailing and a tidy look.

Please find more information about the brief in the Competition Rules, to be found at page ‘Information’ of this website.