The condo tower will rise from the heart of Strijp S: The Triangle (De Driehoek). De Driehoek is formed by new builds and the raw, monumental industrial buildings the Hoge Rug, the Klokgebouw, the Machinekamer and the Ketelhuis: together they are a convincing reason for taking the Eindhoven exit on the A2 motorway. It will be a bubbling area where people will enjoy living, working, creating and relaxing. This highly urban area will get a high density, creating liveliness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the Leidingstraat picking out a route throughout this urban area, you experience a splendid industrial atmosphere everywhere in De Driehoek.

The work spaces in De Driehoek are to be found especially in the Klokgebouw and the Apparatenfabriek and are focused primarily on (starting) entrepreneurs in the creative industry. No chain stores or franchise formulas in De Driehoek, but innovative types of retail. Small exceptional boutiques, pop-up stores and coming-soon concepts. The hospitality catering concepts are radically different too. There are cutting-edge industrial restaurants in the Machinekamer and the Ketelhuis and there is a food hall in the Veemgebouw. Leisure-wise, there is plenty of room for urban sports like skating, street and breakdancing, BMX and bouldering. Culturally, you can indulge in concerts and performances in the event halls of the Klokgebouw, make or listen to music at PopEi or you can enter a world of discovery at the Ontdekfabriek.

The condo tower comprises: Living space; Reception or meeting space (to receive several people at the same time, for a party for example); Sleeping accommodation; Space for guests; Kitchen; Dining area where you can eat with several people; Sanitary facilities; Washing and drying; Sufficient storage space; (Bicycle) storage; Outside space. These functions are not all situated in the (private) apartment. The space is too limited for that. Besides a private area, the concept also comprises semi-collective facilities (facilities exclusively for Condo residents) and public facilities. The semi-collective facilities, of which use can be made as and when required, should preferably be incorporated in the building. The public facilities can be either in the same building or in another location/building at Strijp S.